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Do you remember moving into your own place for the first time? How big and empty it felt, how much stuff you needed.

Through the DRC’s Apartment Outfitters, you can help turn an empty apartment into a real home!

When people have escaped homelessness and moved into a place of their own, they usually arrive with very few belongings. Maybe some clothes or personal items. Rarely do people arrive with everything they’ll need to start their new lives.

This is where you come in! Donate money or donate items or do both!

Download the Apartment Outfitters flier.

Donate Money

It costs approximately $1,500 for the DRC to outfit a one-bedroom apartment with everything needed.

Because we have connections with partner agencies and retail establishments, we get deals on things like beds and can purchase many items at deeply discounted prices, much lower than the general public. Making a financial gift is a smart use of your money instead of purchasing items. 

When you make an Apartment Outfitters financial gift, you help set up a home with furniture, housewares, and even a stocked pantry and refrigerator. 

Make a gift online using the form, or send a check to
PO Box 871
Fort Worth, TX 76101.

Be sure to mark your check “Apartment Outfitters.”

Your financial gift is 100% tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt.

A gift of $1,500 will outfit an entire apartment.

But gifts of any amount make a difference.

Donate Items

You may also donate new or gently used housewares. Needed items include:
Our apologies, but we are unable to accept items which are not on this list. 

View the DRC Apartment Outfitters Wish List on Amazon

For donations of furniture, see below.

Flatware Sets
Plates and Bowls
Drinking Glasses
Drink Pitchers
Can Openers
Cooking Utensils
Cooking Knives
Cutting Boards
Cookie Sheets and Bakeware
Mixing Bowls
Measuring Cups and Spoons
Pots and Pans
Dish Drainers
Reusable Food Storage (aka Tupperware)
Kitchen Towels
Kitchen Washcloths
Coffee Makers
Coffee Cups
Trash Cans
Microwave Carts

Sheet Sets, full or queen
Mattress Covers, full or queen
Pillows (NEW ONLY)
Comforters/Blankets, full or queen
Alarm Clocks
Small Lamps

Living Room
TVs with Remote
Small Lamps
Throw Blankets

Shower Curtains with Hooks
Bath Towels
Hand Towels
Bath Mats
Trash Cans
Toilet Plungers (NEW ONLY)

Clothes Baskets
Clothes Hangers

Cleaning Equipment
Dust Pans
Toilet Brushes

Personal Supplies
Toilet Paper
Hand Soap
Body Soap
Feminine Hygiene Supplies

Cleaning Supplies
All Purpose Cleaner
Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Disinfectant Spray
Disinfectant Wipes
Paper Towels
Cleaning Sponges
Laundry Pods
Trash Bags

Light Bulbs
Carts for Groceries or Laundry

What about furniture?

The DRC is unable to accept donations of furniture. We do not have a warehouse in which to store furniture, nor do we have a truck to pick it up or staff to move it. 

If you have furniture to donate, please contact our partners from whom we usually get furniture:

Dallas Furniture Bank

Furnishing Families of Texas


Drop off or Pick up?

If you have items to drop off, please email volunteer@drc-solutions.org. We can let you know where to drop off. 

If you have a large amount of items and would prefer a pick up, email volunteer@drc-solutions.org. We can arrange to swing by!

We are unable to schedule pick ups for small amounts of items, as we do not have the staff to accommodate.

Planning a drive?

Let our Volunteer Coordinator know, and we’ll help you any way we can! Email volunteer@drc-solutions.org

Housing First makes housing last.

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