June 19, 2020

When I reflect on the mission of DRC Solutions, it is apparent that we are a Social Justice organization. In working to re-enfranchise countless men, women and children who find themselves homeless every year, it is hard not to recognize significant racial disparities that call for justice.

Decades and decades of institutionalized racism has resulted in far fewer economic, educational and affordable housing opportunities for persons of color in American. Subsequently, it is no surprise that we see black men and women significantly over-represented in the homeless population.

When we discuss homelessness, we can no longer omit racism from the narrative. Moving forward, as we work with our clients, units of local government, business leaders, elected officials, philanthropic organizations, and fellow service providers, the role racism plays in homelessness must be recognized, and subsequently, how do we as a community address this disparity?

We would like to invite you to be a part of this open conversation. Your thoughts are more than welcomed as we confront this very complex issue. Please do not hesitate in leaving comments, or in emailing me directly to discuss in more detail.

Bruce Frankel
Executive Director

817-690-8867 (direct)

Download a printable version of Statement on Social Justice and Racial Equity